Looking For Meaning

Ever since I was young I was intrigued by everything around me, always wanting to know. Ripping my toys apart to see how they were made and putting them back together.

I was born curious and this curiosity never left. To this day I find myself dissecting everything around me. I love learning about the world, its mysteries, its lies, its lows and its highs, I love asking WHY?

Why are we here? Where did we come from? How? Why?

This desire to ask questions comes with a side-effect of Creativity and Art. I always find myself with this need to create things, bring forth to the world creations that benefit others. I feel this connection to source, that many of us have lost is one of the most important things in this life. We should never stop asking questions, creating and helping each other grow.

Life And Its Obstacles

I’ve evolved a lot throughout the years. I had ambitions, I pursued them, I lost my ambitions and created new ones, lost them, procrastinated, became lazy, worried and suffered depression. I came out of depression, I studied, graduated, worked, travelled, fell in love, fell out of love, started my own business, lost my business, created another one, pursued a career and so on..

I sit here now and the single one thing, the only thing throughout my whole existence to this day that has stayed with me and despite all the changes I went through still remained the same as I always remember it, is the I that I call Me… The deep down YOU, that thing inside, it’s remained the same throughout the years, its only the experiences on the outside that have changed, which have almost created a mould in which this I sits in on the inside.

I’ve also realised that this mould can change shape, you change it by experiencing more, by creating and asking questions. That’s ultimately what this life is about… To pursue the unknown.